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DUNCAN-WATCH: Protests & Pricey Cappuccino Makers In Chicago

IL_CST071307 Looking respectable at next week's HELP committee nomination hearing isn't the only thing that EdSec in waiting Arne Duncan has to worry about these days.  On Saturday, teachers and community leaders are planning a citywide protest against lack of transparency and student disruptions surrounding the district's annual school closing process.  This isn't the first such protest, but it's shaping up to be one of the biggest.  Just today, the Sun Times is reporting that the IG has just issued a report finding various misdeeds inside CPS including the purchase of pricey cappuccino makers Schools' cappuccino bill: $67000).

The good news?  California Senator Dianne Feinstein hasn't opposed the choice of Duncan -- yet. But she and others may think differently when they get their first live look at Duncan on Tuesday. 


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Hey there,

The new administration brings many opportunities with it -- jobs, for sure. But it's our hope that important nonprofit educational programs will also see a rise in funding levels; enough to support new positions themselves.

In order to help this process, it would be great if you'd support an effort to bring Education to the forefront of a Change.org competition; the campaign is to mobilize citizens as teachers for all kids, and our HQ is online at: http://www.citizenschools.org/change/

All the best,

They must take immediate action to improve transparency about subject choice and admissions. Take a look - very interesting:


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