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BLOGS: Best Blog Posts Of The Day

IL_DH Analysis of Education Provisions in the Stimulus Charlie Barone
Opportunities to leverage real change in the quality of education provided to public school students come fairly infrequently. It’s important that this one be maximized.

Equal Funding for All Low-Income Students Kevin Carey
There are better and worse ways to pump out billions of new federal education dollars.

Science Tests: Will Obama Help Women In Science? Jezebel
Women in science are hoping Obama does more to support their female colleagues than his predecessor did. PLUS:  Girls Online: Are Girls Today More Tech-Savvy Than Boys?

'Teachers, keep on teaching' Mike Klonsky
Video clip from the Sunday Lincoln Memorial event.

Let's Put an End to "Tappa Tappa Tappa" KDR
The Simpsons episode, Last Tap Dance in Springfield, from season 11 has a wicked take on the instructional status quo.


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