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EDSEC: Who Is Arne Duncan, Anyway?

There really isn't that much out there about Duncan and the Chicago public schools that's insightful or in-depth, but here are some good starting places:

Ph2008121503432Arne Duncan Wikipedia
Arne Duncan (born November 6, 1964) is an American education administrator who is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools.

Duncan puts new emphasis on ‘business of education’ Catalyst Chicago
After two years of being relatively laid-back, the courteous Schools CEO Arne Duncan is raising his profile and reshaping central office with unexpected new hires.

Chicago's mixed record on school reform Christian Science Monitor
Some parents and local groups have criticized Chicago's approach, particularly the havoc it can wreak in the lives of children pushed from one school to another. But others note that the city has made impressive gains, especially in its elementary schools, since it created a strong accountability system in the mid-1990s.

Retaining Retention Education Next (I wrote this one)
How Chicago changed, but ultimately saved, its controversial program to end social promotions   
CPS corners tutoring market but runs risk of losing it all Catalyst Chicago (this one, too)
Last year’s effort to provide the tutoring required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was a rocky learning experience.

Duncan's track record Catalyst [new!]
Seven years of reform experiments—some show promise, few taken to scale, modest gains in performance.

Reaction in Chicago (at least among an0nymous blog commenters)? Here.


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