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RESEARCH SAYS: Summer School, The Song

Grease_soundtrackHere are the words to my latest single, Summer Learning:

Summer learning - had me a blast. 
Summer learning - happened so fast.
Met a school - open for me. 
Met a school - good as can be.
Summer days - used to be free.
But uh, oh, that summer school.

Summer school's getting lots of love from Malcolm Gladwell, among others.  Though the economy's not going to help most districts do the right thing.  Here's some of the research behind Gladwell's enthusiasm (PDF).  And yes, there is a National Center for Summer Learning (here).  I know this because they emailed and told me so.   


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The line about "Summer learning -- happened so fast" really got me. I was always surprised how many of my students who failed their ELA or Math tests caught up so quickly in summer school and moved on up. I must have been one lousy teacher.

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