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MEDIA: Weekend Reading

Phone1A Payoff Out of Poverty? NY Times 
For a decade, Mexico has offered assistance to the poor on the condition that they visit clinics, attend workshops and keep their kids in school. Can that system work here?

Rescue schools and hospitals first, then build light rail.  Salon
$50 million in federal aid during the Clinton administration allowed Michigan schools to hire nearly 1,300 new teachers. It is also the current operating budget of a Tennessee school district made up of eight elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools.

Teachers and Quarterbacks Gladwell.com
The psychological situation facing the gatekeeper in both cases is identical: that confronted with a prediction deficit, the human impulse is to tighten standards, when it fact it should be to loosen standards.

Stop picking on the Newbery Medal Slate
Is the highest honor in children's literature, the Newbery medal, woefully out of touch? Yes, according to children's book expert Anita Silvey, who made her case in a recent issue of the School Library Journal.

Finland No Education Silver Bullet Dana Goldstein
Only 10 percent to 12 percent of college students who apply to Finnish teacher-education programs are accepted, and unlike in the United States, they tend to come from the top of their class.

Parochial-School Lessons WSJ
A former Black Panther, Mr. Gober defines himself and his mission in part through occasional conflicts with authority...When Mr. Gober's demons, and diabetes, finally separate him from Rice, he has left behind a thriving culture of learning and authentic pride.

I blog because I teach teacherken
I was sitting in a Starbucks in Arlington, Virginia.  Across the table from me was Tom Vilsack, the Governor of Iowa and a man who was considering running for President of the United States.  What was he doing taking time out of his schedule to talk to me, a guy who taught high school in Maryland?  Why was he listening to what I had to say, and asking followup questions? It was because I blog.

Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise Scientific American
We are the ancestors of those most successful at finding patterns.Unfortunately, we did not evolve a Baloney Detection Network in the brain to distinguish between true and false patterns.

Rod Blagojevich And The Poetry Slam NYT
Turns out the English poet is a favorite of high-profile people in times of crisis.


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