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Edubroderism Kevin Carey
Maybe there are education issues where the middle way is best. But maybe there aren't.

Good NGA, Bad NGA Charlier Barone
A reliable source tells us that the NGA is lobbying the Obama transition team to roll back the regulation issued by Secretary Spellings in October that requires states to set a uniform and accurate method for measuring high school graduation rates. Spellings simply put in regs what the Governors themselves pledged to do more than three years ago. However, only 16 states so far have done so.

AUSL leader shows comtempt for teachers PURE
The teachers who spoke at the Board meeting yesterday [in Chicago] are some of the best in the system. Feinstein's casual dismissal of their concerns as self-interest exposes the level of contempt these privatizers hold for experienced, dedicated, under-resourced, under-supported classroom teachers in Chicago's neighborhood schools.

I wish Duncan good luck Mike Klonsky
Despite Chicago’s 52% graduation rate...and despite the data showing that only 6.5% of CPS freshman go on to earn a college degree by the time they are in their mid-20s, and despite four straight years of declining high school test scores, and despite the administration's buy-in to NCLB’s testing madness, and ...despite the nearly 10,000 kids arrested each year out of their CPS classrooms, and despite CPS’ ongoing efforts to kill the deseg consent degree; despite efforts to weaken or abolish the Local School Councils, despite all this and much, much more, I still wish Arne Duncan all the success in the world in his new job


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