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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Obama-golf-20 Confirmation hearings set for nominees Politico.com
Sen. Kennedy has scheduled several confirmation hearings in early January. [Duncan is Jan 13.]

Needy schools turn to parents for funding Wall Street Journal
PTAs Are Helping to Cover Cost of Books, Other Supplies; Paying to Keep a Teacher Aide. Public schools across the country, hurt by state- and local-government cutbacks, are tapping an alternative source of cash: Mom and Dad.

Unprepared kindergartners cost schools AP Ed Week
The Wilder Research report, commissioned by the Bush Foundation, found that unprepared kindergartners cost schools because they lose per-student revenue when students drop out.

SAT Changes Policy, Opening Rift With Colleges NYT
Some highly selective schools have said they will not go along with Score Choice, a new policy allowing students to select which of their multiple scores colleges can see.

Charter schools help jail inmates graduate AP EdWeek
Now he's got a chance to get his high school diploma, thanks to a new Albuquerque charter school, one of a handful of charter schools nationwide serving current and former jail inmates the public school system failed to reach.


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