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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Seattle paralyzed by chance of snow AP
Wa_srSchools throughout greater Seattle were closed Wednesday at the mere threat of snow late in the day, a symptom of the city's deep phobia of the white stuff and near-complete inability to deal with any significant snowstorm.

States Eye Solutions as Budget Ax Hits Schools EdWeek
Idaho is bracing for deep education cuts, Kansas is working to prevent any, and Alabama is weighing a gambling tax to fund education.

Misconduct reports on the rise in Phila. public schools Philadelphia Inquirer
In the first two months of this school year, 1,048 serious incidents of student misconduct - from from bringing a gun to school to assaulting a teacher - were recorded inside city public schools, officials said yesterday.

L.A. School Helps Kids By Forcing Them To Work NPR
South Central Los Angeles has a nearly 50 percent dropout rate. The LAUSD is struggling to educate students while contending with gang activity, drug dealing, and poverty. At Verbum Dei High School, they're trying a new approach: requiring students to work part-time.

Milwaukee to Form Gay-Friendly Middle School US News
The Milwaukee Public School System will expand services provided by its gay-friendly high school.  

Missouri: Schools Takeover Upheld AP
The Missouri Supreme Court has affirmed the state takeover of the St. Louis school system, which has struggled for years with poor finances and student test scores.


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