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NCLB NEWS: "No Bobby Left Behind"

Kudos to blog contributor John Thompson for digging up this episode of King of the Hill, which -- perhaps a media first -- doesn't just reference NCLB once or twice.  It focuses on the law for an entire half-hour episode, and is amusing for both critics and advocates of the law:

In the episode, Bobby's principal is under pressure to make AYP and decides -- falsely, by the way -- that he can just reclassify Bobby and some other lower-scoring kids as special needs to avoid having to try and get them to pass the test.  For a while, this harebrained strategy seems to work and is enjoyed by all.  But then, alas, it turns out that reclassification won't fly. 


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It is really is sad that some teachers and principals feel this much pressure.

I remember when the episode first aired in early-mid November. As a future special education teacher, I was floored at not only the fact that Bobby was put into a special needs class without any testing or parental involvement, but by the fact that a secondary special needs classroom looks like a daycare/preschool. I realize that most people outside of education have never heard of an IEP or IDEA, and that King of the Hill is just a show (one that I like, by the way). I'm not mad at the show or anything, and I don't think special education is too serious to joke about. But I guess the episode shows what most people think of special education in this country.

at least they didn't try and reclassify bobby as a minority in order to get him out of a reportable subgroup

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