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MEDIA: EdWeek's NCLB Reporting Woes Continue

EdWeek's star NCLB reporter David Hoff keeps saying that Arne Duncan is an NCLB supporter (Russo Picks Wrong 'Poster Child').  But repeating the claim doesn't change the facts, and Hoff can't distract our attention claiming that the NEA disliked the law more than Duncan. That's not the point.

Even now, Chicago generally ignores the federal/state AYP rating system, choosing to use its own mom-and-pop "probation" system to determine which schools will be restructured, and decries the law's ELL testing requirements. Funny thing for an NCLB supporter to do, eh?  (There's the story, David.)


This isn't the first time that Hoff has confused what people say with what really happened (and refused to correct himself).  In March 2007, Hoff memorably passed along the Obama campaign's claim that their candidate "led" the 1995-2001 Chicago Annenberg Challenge (Is EdWeek Reaching?). But Obama's involvement in the Challenge was much less substantial than that. Just ask Bill Ayers. 

Me, I'm wrong all the time -- especially when it comes to predictions.  But always happy to admit them.  From beginning to nearly the end, for example, I derided the notion that Arne Duncan could ever be a serious contender for Education Secretary.  Shows what I know. 


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