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MEDIA: Coverage Of Duncan Described As Sincere, Hard-Working, Collaborative

16Chicago-Hoops Charter-positive, a fan of closing schools and limiting curriculum options, and ambivalent about local school councils, I am far from Arne Duncan's harshest critic.  But the best thing I can find about this EdWeek story (Duncan Seen as Collaborator) is the picture of Duncan as a college basketball player.  There's also some healthy caution citing CPS test score increases that's much appreciated by me at least.  Otherwise, it's just a collection of quotes from allies and opportunists, nary a truly critical voice or independent insight to be found. He's sincere.  He's hard-working.  He's unassuming.  Why is this praiseworthy?  Crap journalism like this makes me long for the old he-said, she-said. 


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