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MEDIA: Hechinger Institute Staff Editor Job

Headerhechinger There are lots of folks moving around jobs right now and I wanted to make sure that everyone had seen this job posting for staff editor at the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media that's been out for a little while now but hasn't yet been filled to my knowledge.  Check it out. 

SalaryUnder $100K
Benefits401K/403B, Dental, Flexible Hours, Health, Telecommute Policy
Job DurationFull Time
Job LocationNew York, NY USA
Job RequirementsThis position will guide the creation and production of authoritative analytical journalism about education across a variety of platforms


  Editing: (50%)

   • Develop, assign, and oversee the creation of high quality education journalism

   • Edit copy for clarity, authoritativeness, accuracy, fidelity to current research, and completeness

   • Stay on top of current trends and issues in education

   • Set and monitor copy deadlines

   • Identify and develop cadre of freelance writers and supervise their work

   • Work with multimedia team to produce content packages

  Writing (initially 50% working down to 25% in 9 – 12 months)

• Create journalism about education in a variety of formats on line and in print, ranging from publications for journalists to Op-eds, long-form magazine articles as well as journalism for non-print platforms

  Managing (initially 0% working up to 25% in 9 – 12 months)

   • Manage and develop talent of news staff of writers, fellows, and freelancers, and interns


  • Deep understanding of current education issues—both formal and informal—from childhood to adulthood

  • Strong writing and editing skills

  • Able to edit authoritative news stories, analysis, opinion pieces, and long form magazine articles

  • Familiarity with online publishing and willingness and aptitude to gain expertise as needed


  • B.S. degree in a related field—such as journalism, history, English, education. Master’s degree preferred.

  • 10 years professional journalism with at least three covering education

  • At least two years as an editor, handling a variety of types of high-quality writing

  • Must be excellent error-free writer in multiple genres.

  Ability to use desktop computer for several hours a day.


   Follows established standards and/or work procedures; carefully
   checks and monitors processes, tasks, outputs to ensure freedom
   from errors or defects; quickly initiates action to correct
   quality problems; alerts appropriate people of quality issues;
   seeks to understand the customer’s definition of quality and
   includes that definition as a component for decisions.

   Stays cool under stress and pressure; is positive and
   professional when confronted with adversity or criticism;
   maintains an objective, solution-oriented approach when facing
   unexpected difficulties, challenging expectations, or extreme
   time pressures; exhibits a calming influence in stressful times;
   maintains high levels of performance during difficult times.

   Adjusts behavior to changes in work structures, processes,
   assignments, or people; maintains productivity in the midst of
   change; is willing to try out new methods; quickly changes
   ineffective behaviors; can switch focus quickly and easily as

  Tolerance of Ambiguity:
   Sees change as an opportunity, looking for positives; remains
   calm and unflustered in new or unfamiliar situations; maintains
   focus and productivity in unstructured, changing environments;
   demonstrates patience when information is not forthcoming; seeks
   out reliable information and avoids making assumptions or
   embracing rumors.

  Planning and Prioritizing:
   Creates and uses written plans with specific goals and target
   dates to complete tasks or projects in a timely way while
   meeting quality and cost requirements; identifies most and least
   important tasks and adjusts priorities when needed; anticipates
   obstacles and develops contingency plans; makes effective
   choices when faced with competing priorities; keeps non-critical
   issues and distractions from interfering with work completion.

  Managing Performance:
   Sets specific, measurable performance goals to focus and align
   employees with department and organization goals; continually
   monitors performance and provides regular feedback to help
   employees stay on track; recognizes performance achievements;
   confronts employee performance and behavior problems in a timely
   manner, developing improvement plans and conducting follow up
   discussions; conducts timely, formal performance evaluations.

  Interpersonal Communication:
   Quickly and easily develops rapport with others; uses diplomacy
   tact when expressing ideas, opinions, or concerns; listens well
   and avoids interrupting; recognizes non-verbal reactions of
   others and adjusts communication accordingly; summarizes what
   others have said to ensure understanding.

   Takes appropriate action without being told: acts quickly when
   faced with a problem; implements new ideas and addresses
   problems proactively; goes above and beyond job requirements;
   anticipates potential problems or opportunities and makes
   contingency plans.

  Energizes Others:
   Exhibits an enthusiastic “we can do it” approach; shares belief
   that goals can be achieved and inspires others to excel; praises
   individual and team accomplishments; builds team spirit; shows
   energy and support for organizational goals and direction.

Please submit a cover letter and resume online at:
About Our CompanyThe Hechinger Institute exists to equip journalists with the knowledge and skills they need to produce fair, accurate and insightful reporting. Since its launch in 1996, the institute has sponsored more than 63 seminars and published over 40 publications for journalists who write, editorialize or edit coverage of education.

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