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LDH: The Blogs Respond To LDH's Editorial

A week ago, the Post and David Brooks had their say about LDH.  Today, LDH herself has something to say -- and everyone wants to talk about it.  Here's a sampling:

Linda Darling-Hammond strikes back By Mike Petrilli
Of the names that have been offered, Stanford University Professor Linda Darling-Hammond is the best qualified for such a leadership position. She has three decades of experience working to improve the quality of teaching, ...
Who are the real reformers? Darling-Hammond responds. By preaprez
In a letter to the NY Times today, Linda Darling-Hammond responds to the Times’ house op-ed conservative, David Brooks. In an earlier column, Brooks claimed the title of reformer belonged to those who want more testing, charters, ...
McLeod, Kohn, and the next Ed. Secretary By Ian(Ian)
Linda Darling-Hammond as his choice. Dr. Darling-Hammond is a professor at Stanford and has penned such great quotes as this one from the top of the article. If we taught babies to talk as most skills are taught in school, ...
Dailies Demonize Progressive Education By Gabriel Voiles
Depressingly predictable is the "eerily similar language" in these pieces urging rejection of Stanford educator Linda Darling-Hammond for fear she is "allied with the teachers' unions" and an opponent of "reform"--defined as "a heavy ...
LDH responds to Brooks By Mike Klonsky(Mike Klonsky)
Linda Darling-Hammond takes the gloves off in a letter in Today's Times. I guess David Brooks' pronouncements on who's a reformer and who ain't, finally crossed the line. She also calls on us all to move "beyond the polarizing debates
Who will be Obama's education pick? By Conor Ryan(Conor Ryan)
Alternatively, he could pick his education adviser, Stanford Professor Linda Darling-Hammond, and set back the cause of reform by decades. Obama cannily played both sides of the debate in the election. Soon he will have to decide. ... 

It seems a shame that LDH herself had to weigh in on her own behalf and that none of the mainstream media outlets have independently checked out her qualifications, demeanor, accomplishments, etc. 


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Agreed. It is quite a shame Mr. Russo. As a former student of LDH, she is a personable, expert and objective reformer.

Who constitutes the royal "everyone"?

LDH is the real deal. She is about real reform, based in sound professional teaching practice, instead of (get somebody rich) overnight reforms that cause an avalanche of unintended consequences.

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