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GLADWELL: Benton Beats Gladwell (Sort Of)

Screenhunter_04_dec_04_003 Former Dallas Morning News educator reporter and columnist Joshua Benton recently wrote on Facebook that he had beat Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell to the punch on a couple of key education-related points: 

"Two of Malcolm Gladwell's big anecdotes in his new book [summer school and birthday cutoffs] were covered first in my newspaper column!"

Indeed, Benton wrote about these things before Gladwell.  But he's not alone. 

Pretty much everything Gladwell writes about has been researched and written by others, as this New York Magazine article (and others) note.

What sets Gladwell apart is the way he writes about these things so compellingly. 



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In case it wasn't clear -- I was kidding! It's not as if I did the research behind either of those ideas either. I claim no ownership. And I accept your implied diss of the non-compellingness of my writing with grace and dignity.

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