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NCLB NEWS: Just Four Pct. Of Schools Face Restructuring

Thegrinch121808 Roughly 30K schools failed to make AYP last year -- an increase of 28 percent over the previous year, according to a recent EdWeek study and report (More Schools Facing Sanctions Under NCLB). But is that really such a big deal?  Not really.  Many of these schools were first-timers, only failing to make AYP because of their states' adjustable rate AYP criteria.  The increase in number of schools facing NCLB sanctions (ie, multiple years failing to meet AYP) is up 13 just percent. And the percentage of schools facing restructuring is just 4 percent -- not a particularly distressing figure given the state of American schools (and the fact that NCLB restructuring is something of a joke). 


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As a teacher working at a school in its third year of not making AYP I would like to add that the restructuring their talking about is not really a very good idea anyway. Apparently all it is is reassignment of teachers to different teaching assignments. Now that might be a little inconvenient, but it is not going to make teachers that don't care suddenly do a good job if they weren't doing a good job before.

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