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DUNCAN: More Reactions, Not Much More Reporting

43907401_2Charter schools Obama praised ripped at board meeting Chicago Sun Times
A parade of teachers, parents and students complained Wednesday about the new breed of Chicago schools President-elect Barack Obama touted the day before.

Education secretary faces system in crisis San Diego Union-Tribune
Hundreds of thousands of children in this country do not learn and eventually drop out of school. That is Arne Duncan's problem now.

Obama's Pick for Education Chief Brings Reputation for Reform PBS
Analysts examine the challenges facing U.S. schools and how Duncan's efforts to turn around troubled Chicago schools will translate to the Cabinet post.

Seems like everyone's just repeating themselves now, or using the moment to talk about pet issues and concerns.  For mainstream Chicago media reactions that are a little more critical minded, go here.


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Here is a piece on Duncan that is goes beyond mere reporting and situates his utterly reactionary educational policies in a broader context:


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