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COLBERT: Harlem Children's Zone Founder On Colbert

As predicted, Geoff Canada was on the Colbert Report earlier this week, talking about the Harlem Children's Zone:

Canada Does Colbert Paul Tough

Who's next?  Randi Weingarten would be fun.  Or Arne Duncan. 


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Selecting a Secretary of Education is quickly being re-framed by competing ideas of accountability and the future of education. With that has come a rush to label ideas as either "reform" or "establishment" (see Brooks, 12/5/08). Such steps are in stark contrast to the Barack Obama's candidacy, which was built on a platform of inclusion -- moving beyond stale and divisive ideologies and finding common ground. The values at the core are equity, opportunity and possibility for all children. The re-authorization of NCLB and economic challenges ahead make it imperative that we reaffirm three core values in supporting educational reform:

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* the development and support of entire organic communities that support quality teaching and learning, not the disenfranchisement of many to make way for quick structural reforms.

We believe that David Brooks has it exactly backward in referring to Joel Klein as an exponent of reform and Linda Darling-Hammond as representing the establishment. We strongly support the policy platforms of educators like Linda Darling-Hammond who have worked throughout their careers for policies and reforms built on the above core values. We welcome the day when these core values and approaches would actually be the "establishment" rather than solely the option of a select few.

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Great video! Great post!

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