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Eich Bin ein Reformer TCKB
Tired of being a pinata, Linda Darling Hammond takes to the New York Times this morning to defend herself from David Brooks’ charge that she is “anti-reform.”

Few Blacks and Minorities In Obama Administration (Thus Far)AA Punidt
Education: Joel Klein (NYC), Linda Darling-Hammond, Kathleen Sebelius (asked that her name be removed from consideration from any post), Colin Powell, Jim Hunt, Arne Duncan, Inez Tenenbaum, Michael Bennett, George Miller, ...

Duncan's Data TQATE
Do these data cement Duncan's candidacy or disqualify it? Neither, really, but probably more the former than the latter.

Charter hopes Joanne Jacobs
I helped write the chapter on special education in charter schools, which is why I was in D.C. earlier this week.

Klein or Duncan = Obama’s Brownie moment? SFTB
Palast argues that either of the two would result in a “Way-to-go-Brownie” moment for Obama. 


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