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TRANSITION: Reformy Wish List Finally Surfaces

Wl_wish_list Kudos to the Flypaper* for finally surfacing the reformy wish list for Obama appointments that's been discussed for a week or so now but until now not published (Best case scenario).  Fordham's not much of a think tank anymore, but they've out-reporting the trade and mainstream reporters (and bloggers like me) who are supposedly covering education issues. 

That being said, it seems to me that there are some outdated and/or off elements to the DFER wish list, in addition to the absence of Mike Cohen and anyone from the Ed Trust as is already noted:  The list of EdSec choices is, besides Duncan, narrow and unlikely.  Podesta has said he wants to stay at CAP (and already did a WH stint, remember?).   Shireman's settled in California and like Podesta already did a WH stint. Rotherham wants Innovation, not PES, I'm guessing. Dianne Piche's name should be on there for OCR but is missing for some reason. Dannenberg would need more (and warrants more) than OMB to come back from NYC.  What about a spot for DFER's Joe Williams?   I'm sure there's something he could do. 

On another note, check out this juicy update from The Atlantic about the choice of schools for the Obama daughters.

*My apologies. GothamSchools got the DFER memo up about a half hour earlier. 


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