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TRANSITION: More Agency Review Team Names

Back to the real world:  More agency review team names (scroll to the bottom). Thanks to everyone who sent me word about them.   Lots more higher ed folks than you might have expected, though perhaps some of them are more organizational types than policy or research gurus.

Ann O’Leary  (SF Mayor’s office)

Jonathan Schnur

Maria Blanco (Univ. of Cal, Berkeley)

Juliette Garcia (Univ. Texas, Brownsville)

Gene Garcia (Arizona State)

Joan Baratz Snowden (retired from AFT)

Goodwin Liu  (Boalt Law School)

John Polidori (Delaware State Education Association)

Jon Weintraub  (retired from the Hill and Department)

Steven Robinson (Obama Senate staff)


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Honestly, I would be in favor of whomever on the Hill would support a bail out of education. Lets face it, the recent bail out bills say a lot about what previous politicians value. They value the private sector more than the formal public commitment they have invested in education. Even in light of falling financial commitments and the non-funding of NCLB, politicians still make schools "be accountable," through testing. To my knowledge we aren't testing the CEOs of AIG or Lehman's? We aren't going to place massive stipulations on the Big 3 if we bail them out.

My hopes are for a more reasonable person in Washington that will bail out education from the dilapidated buildings and the underfunded schools. Whomever can do that will get my vote again in 2012.

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