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REGS: Any "Midnight Regulations" For Education? [updated 2x]

Scancfr45 Lots of news outlets are telling us about the Bush administration's push to get out "midnight regulations" that would take effect even after Obama takes office (Google News), but no one has told us yet whether there are any regs getting pushed out the door that affect education. 

Any last-minute rule changes or definitions they're trying to sneak by us?  I'm counting on you OMB watchers and lobbyists to tell us what's going on.

UPDATE:  I'm being reminded that the USDE issued a big batch of Title I regs last month (New federal regulations on graduation rates have school officials ...) that might, depending on your definition (90 vs 60 days), be described as midnight regulations. 

UPDATE 2:  ProPublica is tracking midnight regs but doesn't seem to have included any education ones (here).  Maybe the October education regs are only considered to be "twilight" regs?  But that hasn't stopped folks from complaining about them -- see the NEA's press release from a few weeks back.


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Oh, I don't know... maybe the NCLB regulations issued in mid-October?????

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