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ELECTION: Schools As Voting Places

                                                  Obama at Shoesmith Elementary in Chicago. 

Do you like it as much as I do that voting often takes place in schools?  I think it legitimizes schools and is great people watching, too.  (It's almost as fun as report card pickup day.)  Lots of folks who go in have never been inside the school -- except maybe the previous year.  Sure, it's a lost instructional day, etc.  But still.  I'd rather them use schools for voting places than not use them.  What do you think?


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I agree, and would add that this is especially true since our schools are a function of government and the people who run the districts are, in many places, there as a result of the democratic process. To me, elections inside public schools is wonderful symbol of American democracy.

Couldn't agree more! Democracy begins at the local level and there is nothing more local than our public schools. Legitimizes public schools for many adults and legitimizes participatory democracy for our children. Thanks for this.

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