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LDH: What The Darling-Hammond Hullabaloo Says About Obama

Picture_7 "Even after a long campaign, there's still tremendous uncertainty about just how strong Obama's commitment is [to things like performance pay and charter schools]," writes blogger Alexander Russo in today's Huffington Post (Uncertainty Over Obama Education Adviser).  "Education advocates who supported Obama because of his change agenda are frustrated and confused that Darling-Hammond's name is even part of the discussion."

UPDATE: Misunderstanding my point entirely, Fred goes Klonsky on me here.


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You put it well when writing about a,

"small but vocal group of younger, reform-minded advocates who supported Obama because he seemed reform-minded on education issues like charter schools, performance pay, and accountability. These reformistas ..."

I'd just add that they may become more vocal as their numbers grow smaller. There is no guarantee that a small but vocal monority won't win. But there is no reason that the great majority of educators, who have a far greater knowledge base, (Tilson refers to "so-called experts") will lose.

And if we have to compromise, that's democracy.

How were you misunderstood, Alexander? Your post is pretty clear. It's just latest in your series of misinformed and misinforming digs at Obama, using ultra-conservative forces like CER and hedge-funder Tilson this time, for your point of attack against his key education advisor and one of America's outstanding educators and school reformers, Linda Darling-Hammond. When you're called on it, you duck and say it was all a "misunderstanding." I don't know if this is "going Klonsky" on you (is that really an adverb?) but if it is, so be it.

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