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The New York Times Bestseller No One's Talking About

51yt9k789xl_sl500_aa240_ She's not getting nearly as much bigtime media attention as you'd think, but former Newsweek education writer Peg Tyre has a New York Times best seller on her hands with The Trouble With Boys.

According to the latest list (Hardcover NonfictionList), she's at number 16.  And her recent article about high rates of parents seeking doctors' attention for boys' emotional or behavioral problems has gotten tremendous notice (see article here).

My guess is that many DC policy and media types got put off the boys crisis story by the critical-minded single sex NYT Magazine article plus the Ed Sector report that Sara Mead did.  (There's also a really strong pushback -- what Tyre calls a "taboo"  -- surrounding discussions about boys.)  But people out there in the real world know what's going on, and are apparently paying attention. 


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