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Scary Halloween Ideas

N31501349164_7586 I'm no good at PhotoShop, but the call has gone out for education-themed Halloween ideas ((here) and so here are some that might work.

First, the topical ideas:  The Annenberg Zombie:  Ripped out of the ground and onto the headlines after seven years in the grave, the Annenberg is covered in worms and the remains of small schools left behind. Scary Michelle Rhee:  She only wears black.  She'll close your school.  She'll fire her own children's principal.  She doesn't care about your stupid feelings.  Comes with a cape and mask.  The Skeezy Superintendent:  He flirts inappropriately with employees and reporters. They get fired.  He gets a promotion. Is that his hand on your leg?  The Linda Darling Witch:  Tall pointed hat, with magic wand.  Good witch or a bad one?  Depends on your perspective.  The Ghost Of NCLB:  It's dead, but it doesn't know it's dead, and so it keeps on haunting us. 

Then there are some perennials:  The Think Tank Alien:  Talks fast, never wrong, an evil octopus lives inside.  The Slutty Student:  She wears in appropriately little clothing.  She sends naked pictures to her friends. She types text messages while giving book reports. Evil Education Blogger:   Mean, lazy, no fun at all. Scares little children. Cackles. 


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I'm going to be in Chicago for Halloween - maybe I should go as the Annenberg Zombie...

interesting that the slutty student comes right before the evil education blogger...corrrelation??

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