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SAT Scores For Republican VP Candidate Leaked Faked Onto Internet

What would be worse -- being humiliated by seeing Barack Obama's high SAT or LSAT scores, or being a little skeeved out by seeing Sarah Palin's frighteningly low SATs?

Now we know at least part of the answer to that question. 

UPDATE:  Alas, too good to be true.  Check out the back story here.


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In the interests of honesty, I'll offer a link to the comments in which one with graphics knowledge casts a bit of doubt on whether the image is real:


But if it's real, good Lord... with scores that low, it's a wonder she didn't end up as a public school teacher.

If this is the real deal, this is a huge find. Kudos for putting it up there for public view and public discussion.

Who cares about her scores? Does that mean she is not qualified to help run our country? I don't see how our country stoops so low as to invade someone privacy like this....especially when it does not matter.

No, her SAT scores don't matter. She gives public evidence of her abject stupidity every time she opens her mouth or fails to do so when asked a question more difficult than "What's the best load for hunting from helicopters?"

Yes, Carlyn, why on Earth would we want a leader of the free world to have demonstrated competency and knowledge on a simple college admissions exam that is widely accepted as THE gatekeeper for vetting people who seek to enter institutions of higher learning to gain the skills and knowledge to lead us after they graduate?

Faux folksy dialect and humor, fundamentalist religious beliefs, and cutesy cheerleader winks are so much more important while smearing a US senator as a terrorist and un-American, and that skill set will be especially useful if she is elected when she is running the US government as it attempts to deal with the world economy in total meltdown, being engaged in 2 very expensive and violent wars, and facing down global warming and peak oil.

The irony is rich, from an educational perspective, that the VP nominee of the party who has shoved NCLB down our throats and made THE TEST the end-all and be-all of educational and life success indicators, couldn't score high enough on a general knowledge test to get into most third-tier colleges and universities. But of course, her teachers can easily be blamed for her ignorance and poor performance -- that's the Republican way, isn't it?

can you actually get a 416 on a section? looks apocryphal...

Wow, someone with photoshop has some fun and most of you drop to the floor for some very personal quality time.

Wipe the sweat off your brow, zip up your pants, wash your hands and for goodness sake, at least call Dan Rather for confirmation.

A note to the angry, tendentious [education] left: It's a fake.


Some of you would feel a bit silly right now if you had any shame at all.

There is IQ and there is EQ. Palin has a very high EQ scores. I will not vote for Obama, because for 20+ years he listened to anti-American, anti-semitic, anti-white rhetoric. He did not object to it, he did not walk out of the room, but embraced it. Some of Obama’s mentors and people who put him in power make me sick. If you criticize them then you must be a racist. Far left tries to shot everybody up, the press is completely bias in the coverage of this election. The liberal blogs kick people of because they do not like Obama.


Lost: You can believe (or spew) any propaganda about Obama being or buying into anti-Semitism you like (sure he's not a secret Muslim and Arab, too?). But substantiating it is quite another matter. And you've got NOTHING. Here, on the other hand, is something you probably should look at and heed (but no doubt won't): <http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=m96chUuvoe0>

Lost, You better look at Palin and her husband who for 8 years belong to Alaska Independent Party. A Party that is no joke and who hate Americans. I rather vote for Obama that let McCain or Sarah in to the white house.

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