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PETRILLI: Punk, Punk'd

Punkd_logo715263 What a mischievous little punk that Mike Petrilli is turning into.  First, the Checker Finn protege takes all week to admit what everyone else already knew:  that he messed up thinking that one of Obama's education advisors said Obama wanted to dump standardized tests.  Punked by his own self (self-punk'd?).  But in true Washington style Petrilli can't be wrong alone or keep it simple, so he tries to pull other people and other issues into his mess.  The result is one of those non-apology apologies:  No campaign education advisor left behind.  But don't be confused -- this isn't about long-standing divisions among Democrats on education issues.  That's something else.  This is about how nobody but Petrilli goofed up, tried to make news where there was none, and is still trying to weasel out of coming clean.  Not that it's not sort of entertaining to watch him try. 


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