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EDINO8: It's Not Over 'Til It's Over

Edin082color From a blog post (Quixotic Signage of the Day) written just before last night's debate:

"Behind Matthews’s head, a large sign, its black background and its orange and white lettering standing out among the sea of Obamian Red and Blue, is being propped up by an unknown advocate. The sign advertises Ed in ‘08, an attempt to make education reform a key issue in the presidential campaign. I’ve written about their efforts before, on Campaign Desk, and must sadly acknowledge that, however worthy their cause, and however noble their efforts toward achieving it, that cause has now been completely trumped by the economy."

Give EDIN08 credit for sticking through it to the end.  Maybe they can get Joe the Plumber to do some PSAs for them. 


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I have to share this: I went to a social media workshop yesterday run by this PR/social media guru Geoff Livingston, and he shared a couple examples of social media success, and one of them was Ed in '08. I forget the exact specifics, but it had something to do with their Kanye West videos, and getting kids to ask their teachers to order their media kits. They printed 10k kits, but ended up getting 25k requests. Anyway, it was interesting hearing someone talk about Ed in '08 outside our little sphere.

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