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Charter School Teacher Suspended For Obama Video

This might make you embarrassed to support Obama:

Teacher suspended for students' Obama chants Kansas City Star
A teacher at a Kansas City charter school was suspended Monday after video of his public school students chanting in praise of Barack Obama became a national sensation on YouTub.  Via Ednews.org.


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On the contrary, I'm more proud to support Obama! These young black men are inspired by Obama and it appears he's a role model for them. Good for them!

Who would suspend a teacher for something as admiring and inspirational as this? The person who did the suspending needs to be expelled!!!!!

I guess this person would rather see these youth robbing people.

What is our world coming to?

A teacher was fired for engaging students and inspiring them to be men? Children...left behind.

WHY would the teacher be suspended??? There are many public schools around the country that allow students to form their own clubs, etc. Some are even Young Republic Clubs and Young Democrat Clubs. At least these students are paying attention to the election and the issues, which is more than most young people do today. It doesn't matter if they want to make a respecfful video about Obama, McCain or any other candidate! As principal, I wouldn't care if the students circulated this video as long as it is clear that it is their video and not on behalf of the school or administration. Whomever whined about this needs to study civics. The principal of this school is caving to overly-emotional community pressure and clearly lacks strong leadership ability.

Yes, everyone needs to go back to civics class and (re)learn that the president cannot do anything without The Senate and Congress' approval. Promise all you want, but that is all that is. These gentlemen need to be given the facts, not one teachers opinion on who will be the next president. That is the problem with this election, not enough facts. Too many people are in awe by what Obama is saying he is going to do for this country. Well, that is all talk, I want proof. But until one of the candidates is in office, no one knows for sure

It is good to see people aware of the the campaign, and the promotion of civics. However it is a little dangerous that the way this support is presented is in a military fashion. Please note that in the military soldiers are trained to act on command even if it is counter to self preservation. This is done without any thought. Seeing this presentation caused me to have visions of military parades in Moscow's Red Square, China's Tianaman Square. In these instances, throngs of people were parading in unison to a single cause, that was not necessarily of their own chosing.

I got much more of a negative feeling based on the presentation. I would have been much more receptive if these youths were presenting their ideas as a civil discussion rather than as a candence tune. I got the impression that these people were going off to battle in Iraq, rather than talking about healthcare plans, or their own personal aspirations.

This is one of those little known things about the African American community that will start to surface now that we have an A-A President. What you are watching above is simply a variation of "Stepping" done by historically Black Fraternities and Sororities. Often this type of routine is done in military gear and the marching and chanting is also par for the course. This is a style of CELEBRATION among African Americans and has been for many many years. There have been whole movies, such as "Stomp The Yard" made about "stepping." It's so funny how little the mainstream knows about African Americans. There is nothing scary about this video...it's a NORMAL part of our heritage. Google or Youtube "Step Show" "Alpha Phi Alpha" "Probate Show" and you will find similar movements, chants and more.
Happy to educate,
TG in Atlanta

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