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McCain Attacks Obama's Education Accomplishments

Via Sam Stein at the HuffPo.


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Rhoda Gelman Friedman/CA/AFA
Certified Personal & Business Astrologer/Mentor
Executive P1D Membership/NetTrav Travel
Synergy Marketing Group

I am a supporter of Senator John McCain - however, I am very conserned about the lack of support with the educational system and the 'No Child Left Behind Law.'

I and many supporters of Senator McCain are 'waiting' to hear his specific outline on education and the no child left behind law. Senator Obama has been clearly pushing his campaign and so called strategies for education, but again, clearly, it is all reterick - but reterick or not, my conversation with teachers and democrats are informing me that they are being swayed by Senator Obama and this is a tremendous concern and dangerous!

My message to Sentor McCain:

1) Please outline clearly and insightfully 'what are your specific strategies for education and 'the know child left behind law.'

2) As I am a senior, I and an abundance of seniors are struggling with insurance, the cost of food and fuel - please address these issues!

3) For the next coming debate, Senator McCain, please demonstrate your own individual empowerment and "Look Directly At Sentor Obama."

Thank you.

Rhoda Friedman
Professional Senior and Mentor

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