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Obama's Misleading Slam On Education Funding

2008_9_dogs_for_obama FactCheck's list of Whoppers of 2008 (so far) includes this item about Obama that I haven't seen much about in the press or on other blogs:

"Obama has misrepresented some of McCain's votes on school funding as votes for cutting education spending. In fact, of the five votes the Obama ad lists, one was for an increase in school funding (just a smaller one than Democrats wanted) and four others were against increases and not for spending cuts."

Sure, the Obama claim isn't as bad (or incindiery) as some of those made by McCain (ie, sex ed for kindergartners), and sure, some Obama supporters are urging him to mix it up with McCain rather than gently let accusations go unanswered. 

But this longstanding line of argument comes up with NCLB funding, too, and is pretty pathetic and unfair.


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Both candidates are just crazy! I have NO idea who to vote for. Who is the lesser of two evils? Who will make our country and our education better? I hope we figure it out soon!

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