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Corean_brothers I am proud of the Chicago students who tried to enroll in suburban schools. In my neighborhood, so many women in those pastel nurse's aides smocks make the daily commute to the suburbs, not returning home without all of the overtime they can get. At the same time they have to get some of their children to magnet or suburban schools in order to escape the chaos of city schools. They also have to find suburban or alternative schools who will accept their other children who have been removed from urban schools for contributing to the disorder. And some children need to be dropped off in the inner city because they could not function in the suburban environment.

Sometimes parents use a fake address, or they leave their child with a relative in the suburbs on Sunday night and welcome them home on Friday. Other times they get away from gangs by shipping one or more of their children to an aunt in the rural area called "Little Dixie" or to an uncle in Oakland. Often, the mom takes care of nephews fleeing from South Central Los Angeles.

The whole process is embarrassing. At church, single moms share the same stories and their exasperation - if they are such "bad" mothers, why are so many of their children so good? Most of their children were well-behaved before they were sent to the city schools. (That’s why liberals need to realize that our inability to create safe and orderly schools has consequences, and why Black politicians find it hard to reject choice or even vouchers.)

How will this minuet be changed by $4.00 gas? Increasingly stressed mothers repeatedly ask the earnest question of whether they should dare to send their children to our neighborhood school. I am supposed to proclaim our school as wonderful. The honest answer is, "It depends ..." This year, an unprecedented number of parents have trusted our school with their children. So far, we have lived up to our responsibility. Stay tuned for how it works out.  -  John Thompson

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Excellent post. Good to hear parents recognized.

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