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Would Obama Support Funding Protest In Chicago?

2008_08_acrylamide The idea of sending low-income Chicago students to try and enroll for the new school year at suburban New Trier High School only seems to be gaining steam in the past week or so since it was first announced.  The governor scheduled a special session of the state legislature.  A number of ministers have now endorsed the idea.  The Chicago board of education president held a press conference to repeat his opposition. A report came out showing that the state of Illinois provides less than 30 percent of district budgets.  And the main proponent of the protest has added to his original idea with the plan to have CPS students stage sit-ins in the lobbies of major Chicago corporations to "sensitize" them to the need to increase state support for education (Meeks Wants Kids To Flood Offices CBS2 Chicago, Businesses added to school boycott Sun Times).

It remains unclear if anything substantive will come from this.  Or even whether the protest will take place as planned.  But it's certainly captured a lot of peoples' imaginations.  Someone should ask Obama whether he supports it.  It might be interesting to see what he said.


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Great question. But even if he didn't dare, wouldn't it be nearly as good if he got Arne Duncan to join in?

Politics aside, think of the educational value. The key to education is relationships. If teachers and students joined together to protest, what could be a better relationship-builder. Getting off to a great start during orientation is always crucial.

This would be educational time well spent.

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