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What To Glean From The Edwards Affair?

Rielle_hunter_john_edwards To me, at least, the real news from the John Edwards story is how long -- 10 months -- it took for the mainstream press to pick up on what the tabloid press and blogosphere were already reporting and debating.

That should be a lesson for the education press, which remains stubbornly reluctant to use -- and credit -- tidbits and news that surface from blogs and other nontraditional sources. 

There's no example yet of a big story that the papers miss out of pride, narrow competitiveness, or pure obliviousness. But if reporters and their editors don't track and act on what's going on online I think there will be soon.   


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Howard Kurtz basically said it was an open secret, until finally the online and tabloid rumblings got so loud their hand was forced and the MSM had to report. Whether that was the right call or not is debatable.

Point taken on the overall trepidation when it comes to blogs etc.


"There's no example yet of a big story that the papers miss out of pride, narrow competitiveness, or pure obliviousness."

How about the NYC story of lies, manipulation and ineptity by the BloomKlein administration?

See the remarkable attack on the NY Times on its ed coverage by the NY Sun of all papers.


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