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Teach In America

Philipino_teachersClick here for a better-than-average story about teachers recruited from abroad, with some great pictures. 

"To many school officials, Filipino teachers are ideal job candidates. The mostly female recruits speak English, hold advanced degrees and pass internationally recognized teaching exams. And they see the salaries offered here as small fortunes. But for all their enthusiasm and experience, they first have to learn how to manage unruly American students."

The teachers are also notable for their resilience, according to the the Washington Post magazine article. Just 11 of 300 quit last year.  There are an estimated 10K teachers who have been recruited to to teach by US districts, and no cap on H1B visas for them. The NEA doesn't like this, not surprisingly. 


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Let's be honest. Speaking english isn't enough. I have had several course's taught by teachers with thick accents, and it was a struggle. There is a difference between written english and spoken english.

Before anyone accuses me of being racist, the majority of teachers were from G.B. Try listening to some one from Newcastle one day... worse than a scot.

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