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Center On American Progress Owes Me A Beer

321pxstella_artois_bottle Here's my new rule:  anytime that someone proposes a policy solution for education that doesn't make mention of how to get that policy accepted in the political process owes me a beer.  Simple, right? 

This week, it's CAP, whose head honchos Podesta and Brown take to the pages of EdWeek to lament the lack of enforcement of the comparability provision in Title I:

"It is absolutely necessary for the next administration and the next Congress to examine such examples of progress and fix the federal funding requirements for Title I schools. For the future of all American children, and our country, these changes can’t come a moment too soon." (here)

They're not the first to point out the comparability problem.  Pretty much everybody has.  It's a problem.  We get it.  But pointing out the problem doesn't make for any real solutions.  This round's on CAP. 


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