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Cross Duncan Off The List

Anything could happen, but EdWeek's campaign blog leaps far out into the unlikelysphere with its notion that Chicago's Arne Duncan might be a leading candidate for EdSec under Obama (Arne Duncan?).  The guy doesn't have nearly enough heft -- or success - to make the cut.   Even his supporters would admit that he isn't a charismatic or dynamic speaker.  He doesn't really give Obama anything politically. Hell, I don't even think Duncan realized he was signing onto two different manifestos.  (But I'll check, just to be sure.)


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Well, just before the ink dries to cross Arne Duncan off the list for U.S. Secretary of Ed., we (educators) learn that in fact Arne Duncan has accepted the appointment. My feelings about this were VERY mixed even before reading this and other blogs. Mr. Duncan's relative inexperience in the real nuts-and-bolts of education reform, drop-out issues and school demographics (poverty in schools), is to say the least unsettling.

Say what you want about age, but Hunt of North Carolina (71) has miles more experience in a state that has been a leader in education reform for several years. his leadership, political savvy, and years developing a successful model for school improvement is what we (U.S.) needs to make schools and students more competitive in the workforce of the future.

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