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Convention Event Highlights Obama Direction

Challenge_for_changeAnyone who wants to get a crystal clear sense of which direction Obama is really going on education issues need only glance at this invitation to a big Denver education event that's being coordinated by DFER, the campaign, and other reformy types: Challenge For Change (PDF). 

It's all Sharpton/Klein, all the time.  Maybe they'll include some bolder, bigger types in the program - -like New Schools did with its memorable Weingarten-Rhee session in DC earlier this year.  And maybe Obama will be persuaded not to sign onto the Sharpton Klein agenda officially, as a courtesey of some kind or to avoid looking like he's caving into McCain's dare.  But the message -- and the divisions -- seem clear. 

What the more liberal end of the education world will do in response to this, I have no idea. 


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The blogosphere works again, and again I stand corrected. Until now, I was glad you cited my previous discussion with Norm where I defended John Merrow. But Merrow's attending that shindig to push that agenda with that crowd. I would like to hear Merrow or any other progressive explain how they can countenance Michelle Rhee's behavior. That Washington Post article you cited today about her intrusion into the D.C. bargaining process was huge. What is it about "good faith" that she finds so objectionable? How can they be so sure that they are right that they use any means to reach their ends? What is next, Pinkerton spies? Oh yeah, they already tried that on Diane Ravitch in NYC.

While in Colorado, maybe someone could take Merrow on a side trip to Ludlow. Come to think of it, didn't the mine owner down there also get praised for being progressive and wasn't he also certain of the justice of his cause?

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe we need to go back to "Which Side Are You On?"

I always heed the sage advice: follow he money. Who funds Merrow?

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