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Education as a Civil Rights Issue
Recent events suggest that the civil rights establishment generally is ready to break with the teachers’ unions and take an independent stand on education reform.

House, Senate Pass Overhaul Of Higher-Education Programs
Congress yesterday passed a major overhaul of federal higher-education programs aimed at expanding financial aid and bringing greater clarity and disclosure to the student loan process.

Wash. Court Protects Identities of Some Teachers
Identities of public school teachers who face unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct can be kept secret to protect the educators' privacy, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Who's the better education candidate?
Chief among the reasons: Congress this year is arguing over whether to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, the sweeping 2001 law that linked federal funding...

PLUS: Another 152 school districts get state-funded laptops


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Nobody wants to fight the civil rights leadership, especially since they have such a great history. But the real story is that the leadership needs to catch up with changing realities. Do any of those leaders have a personal loving relationship with an inner city student? If they don't have kids or grandkids in neighborhood urban schools, they don't have young neighbors who understand the issues.

This is just one more area where the old civil rights leadership will have to adjust to generational change.

By the way, they are just protesting against the strongest attack on NCLB accountability. Its the bill I would support, but I don't expect Obama or the political leadership to agree. They will combine the Broader, Bolder Challenge with the accountability measures that are viable in 2009.

We shouldn't fear accountability when combined with the realism of the emerging generations. On the other hand, we teachers can't make the same mistake of the Leadership Conference. We need to change with the times.

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