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Big Stories Of The Day

Fairfax Fed Up With Lunch-Line Thieves Washington PostDc_wp
For the first time, video cameras will monitor Fairfax County high school cafeterias this fall to keep students from pilfering chicken wraps or veggie burgers in the lunch line.

In Maine, a laptop for every middle-schooler MSNBC
Maine's laptop in the classroom program has shown some impact on student achievement. But whether it can measure up to the federal government’s key yardstick — improvement in standardized test scores — is another question.

Dropout Nation - Coverage of America's education crisis Ed News
As a cinematic enterprise, Slam isn’t exactly Metropolitan or She’s Gotta Have it. But the film, directed by underground rapper Saul Williams, offers some of the most gripping lessons for young people — especially young black men such as the main character (played by Williams himself) — about the consequences of dropping out from high school.

3 school districts pool funds to train teachers San Antonio Express-News
Three south San Antonio school districts joined forces this year to split the cost to bring summer training sessions to teachers, allowing teachers to interact while learning new information for one-third of the price districts pay to train teachers individually.

Many tweens watching 'R' films despite restriction USA Today
Researchers know what your tween saw last summer: savage beatings, severed heads, murder, rape and torture.


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