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Big Stories Of The Day

 Angelinajolietwins01McCain raps Obama over school vouchers, union ties AP
John McCain, the father of private school students, criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama on Friday for choosing private over public school for his kids.

Rebels turn school dress plan inside out Violating Gonzales High School's dress code is not a crime, but some of the offenders are about to start looking a lot like convicts.

TV's new hit: `School Board Soap Opera' Miami Herald
Forget CSI: Miami or Burn Notice. The hottest television show set in Miami may just be the monthly Miami-Dade County School Board meetings.

Equality in Education NYT
Before the No Child Left Behind Act, students of different races and different income levels were administered tests of different rigor based on different ...

Court OKs teacher privacy in some misconduct cases Seattle PI
Testing my patience LA Times (Commentary)
Rhee Details Prescription for Ailing Schools to Donors AP


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