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You've Seen This Obama Surrogate Before

Mike_johnsont_mesa_obama2On Monday I wrote about how Obama's education surrogates would have some chances to fly or flub things up this week at NCSL and at New America (More Chances For Campaign Surrogates Flub It Up Duke It Out). 

LDH you already know.  New Leaders' Jon Schnur is debuting today.

But what about the new guy, Mike Johnston?  Here's the profile post I did about him from May when his name first surfaced.

I don't think it's such a big deal that Obama is trying out a handful of different folks.  Hell, he's apparently got 300 people working as foreign policy advisers.  But I do think it's interesting who's getting -- or not getting -- the call, and that besides LDH they tend to skew younger and less traditional.


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