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Obama Does The AFT

Aft_crowd_captureClick here for a first-hand description of Obama's speech in front of the AFT convention in Chicago provided by contributor James Ewert, plus links to all sorts of mainstream coverage of the event.   

What jumps out at me is that, even though the AFT national had come out for Clinton long ago, the AFT endorsement was so much stronger than it was at the NEA last week.  This despite the fact that Obama's main points remained basically the same and he was basically touting charters as a key part of his reform plan. 

It's also clear that Obama has decided that there's no point getting into hot water on vouchers, which he pretty much closes the door on (again) in this speech as he did last week.  This despite his past "open-mindedness" in the past on the issue, which was so much fun for those of us who delight in his open-mindedness.


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