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How Long 'Til Mayoral Control Falls Out Of Favor? Not As Long As You Think.

Darkknightreturnstpb10thanniversary Houston Mayor Bill White has "formed a committee to weigh in on the Houston school district's controversial school closure plans," according to the Chronicle (Mayor's school-closure panel nudges into HISD turf).  This is apparently a City Hall effort to play good cop to the district, which is discussing the always-fun issue of school closures.  As in many places, Houston has elected school board members.  But as we've seen several times now, big-city mayors love them some control over education. 

Still, it makes me wonder how long it'll be until a mayor (or candidate) in one of those places suggests that things would be better the other way around -- without mayoral control.  Chicago might be first.  Thirteen years in, much has changed, but the overall situation. 


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