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Make The Obama Surrogates Debate Each Other

Keegan_scnur_4There will be more description and analysis as the day goes on, but for now at least here's what we've got to describe the Schnur-Keegan cage match that took place yesterday afternoon at New America:

It’s pretty rare to go to an edu-wonk event here in Washington, D.C. and talk openly about the right of poor children to sit in classrooms alongside middle class ones.  (The American Prospect)

A full room of education professionals, education association representatives, media, and other interested stakeholders turned out to hear Schnur and Graham Keegan outline their respective candidates’ education proposals. (National Indian Education< Association)

No matter who’s the next president, expect some scrutiny of schools of teacher education. (Inside Higher Education)

It was good to hear discussion about online learning and Clayton Christensen’s book, Disrupting Class, as part of the conversation. (California Dreamin’ by Rob Darrow)

It doesn't sound like we missed all that much, though perhaps there were drinks afterwards that no one is telling us about. 

Mostly this was a campaign audition for Schnur -- who, it should be noted -- conveniently waited until the Democratic primary was over to make a public decision about supporting Obama. 

Want to put on an event that would be really interesting?  Get all the Obama supporter/surrogates in a room together and start asking questions about teachers, or charters.  Make them debate each other for surrogate supremacy. Pictures via the NIEA.


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