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LDH For Secretary?

Ldh First, presidential candidate Barack Obama endorses the "residency" model of teacher training, which provides a year of intense clinical experience to teaching candidates before they take over a classroom. 

Then, Obama brings on Linda Darling Hammond as a prominent advisor. 

Now there's talk -- just talk, of course -- that LDH could be in line to be an Obama pick for Education Secretary. 

My guess is that this would be fine with the teachers unions -- LDH hasn't been a sharp critic.  More centrist and reform-minded Obama supporters will be enraged, but they don't really have anywhere else to go. 

Like the bumper stickers say, "Dare to hope.  Prepare to be disappointed."


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Is top education bureaucrat a job LDH would want? Isn't a "senior White House advisor" role more likely?

Surely there is a mediocre ex-Governor available for the job.

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