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He Sees Shanker, Everywhere

Get past the relentless Shankerosity of Rick Kahlenberg's latest piece in The American Prospect (How the Left Can Avoid a New Education War) and you'll see that Kahlenberg does a good job of unpacking some of the divisions within the center-left Democratic alliance that are flaring up around the Obama candidacy. 

But I'm not sure if I see anything all that new in Kahlenberg's piece (besides the Shanker stuff), or any viable political strategy that might help Obama address these internal divisions any better than he already is (ie, supporting both manifestos and being for performance pay and charters but otherwise a regular Dem).

Longtime readers will remember that I've been writing about this division for years now, going back to "PovRacers and SchoolRefs."  Amazing that the two groups putting out manifestos didn't do it on purpose and didn't even know about each other's plans. 


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