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Viva Las Vegas Kevin Carey
A typical school is more likely to have between six and ten real marks to hit...[That's] why, six years into the law and counting, most schools haven't been labeled as failures.

TeachersalaryprojectjpgA Documentary on the Professional Lives of Teachers
Yesterday, Eggers, Roth and Calegari sent out a press release announcing the launch of a new website that they describe as "the first step in what will become a new kind of documentary film.

An Education Debate? Campaign K12
The group, which includes some major business organizations, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, big names in the philanthropy world, such as the Broad Foundation, and corporations including Microsoft, sent a letter last week to both campaigns asking for an "event, town hall meeting, or debate" on education.

NEA and Civil Rights Community Diverge on Accountability The Hoff
I'll need a new name for my blog. ESEA: Act X doesn't have a very good ring to it.I'm open to suggestions.

Not hypocrisy SDorn
Liam Julian is chiming in with the Wall Street Journal today in implying that Senator Obama is hypocritical for sending his children to private schools while voting against voucher programs.

School bans fake tan Detention Slip
"We ask for your support in ensuring your girls do not come to school looking varying shades of orange."

Last but not least:  Every day I look over their blog and some days I even find something to point to, but the Flypaper boys don't seem to notice when they're writing about something I covered. 


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