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Will Clinton Education Folks Make It To Denver?

Ukreuters Senator Clinton's official withdrawal from the race means that her education folks -- formal and informal -- have to figure out what to do next (Hillary Clinton's Staff Looking for New Jobs).  Many with Clinton ties have day jobs and can return to those (or never left them).  Others like domestic policy honcho Catherine Brown may want to explore joining the Obama effort or at least becoming part of the overall Democratic campaign push towards the general.  Denver isn't a bad place to be for the convention this summer.  And some Clinton staffers have already been brought on board (Obama taps former Clinton aide for economy team).  But it may not be so easy for Clintonistas to find a place in the Obama campaign effort, official or otherwise.  There's remnant ill will, the reality that many policy positions have been set on the education front, and the underlying sense (not just in education) that Clinton-era, Clinton-affiliated ideas are not what Obama needs right now.


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