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Who Got It Wrong? The Principal, Or The Press?

6a00d8341c816253ef00e551a2d8e888348 The news has been full of stories about the supposed "pregnancy pact" in Gloucester, MA (Pregnancy Boom at Gloucester High).  How very Juno, everyone said.  Blame it on Knocked Up, said others.  Teen sex, oh no!

However, there are now all sorts of doubts about the story's accuracy (Mass. mayor says no proof girls had pregnancy pact, Principal has ‘foggy’ memory of pregnancy pact story). 

We've either got a really confused principal (Joseph Sullivan) or some really credulous reporters (Time, etc).


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So do I get credit for calling this one on Friday (or at least being skeptical earlier than others, in http://www.shermandorn.com/mt/archives/001330.html)?

indeed, you seem to have nailed it, sherman:

"I will admit I'm skeptical of these claims. Neither Time's reporter nor anyone else has been able to confirm Sullivan's claim with any of the families, and something about this claim seems out of a bad B movie: "We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," Sullivan is quoted as saying. That doesn't mean that the story is false, but that is the type of extraordinary claim that we'd expect a little more than a single person's assertion to back up."


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